MSc in Entrepreneurship

Duration: 12 up to 14 months
Application Deadline: June 30, 2017
Start Date: September
Fees: € 12,500


This ground-breaking and exciting program develops entrepreneurial skills, knowledge and experience. Changing the rules of the enterprise education game, the degree prepares learners to live, craft, master and create entrepreneurship.

The MSc in Entrepreneurship is built upon the concept of Effectuation, a logic of entrepreneurial expertise that both novice and experienced entrepreneurs can use in the highly unpredictable start-up phase of a venture to reduce failure costs for the entrepreneur.

A new approach to entrepreneurship education. The MSc in Entrepreneurship prepares learners to live, craft, master and create entrepreneurship. It takes place both in the real world of the entrepreneur, and within ALBA’s “Business unusual” classrooms. From generating creative ideas to launching innovative “happenings”, from building a strong business model to detailed financial planning, the MSc in Entrepreneurship prepares participants for creating and leading the new ventures of the future. A ground-breaking and exciting program that balances the practice of entrepreneurship with the mastery of core managerial competences.


Key features of the program

  • Weekday classes between 18:00 – 22:00, three times per weeks on average
  • A 12-month program (working students can extend their studies to 14 months)
  • 15 core modules & 2 workshops
  • Assessment: group reports/presentations, case study analysis, mid-term tests, final exams
  • New Venture project


A Program Designed for those Who: 

  • Have graduated recently and seriously consider an entrepreneurial career.
  • Obtained work experience and wish to make the move from employment to entrepreneurship.
  • Want to enhance their intrapreneurial skills necessary for a successful career in startups and large innovative companies.
  • Are members of their family businesses and they prepare to take on increasing responsibility in the company and pursue growth initiatives.

You may find here more information about the Program's Intended Learning Outcomes.


Current Student Profile


International Recognition: Accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)

ALBA Graduate Business School is one of the Elite European Schools in entrepreneurship. With a long and successful tradition in the European Business Plan of the Year Competition (EBPYC), and a high number of successful graduate entrepreneurs.

The program draws from the expertise of AHEAD, the ALBA Hub for Entrepreneurship and Development, a well-established team within the school which provides a range of support for entrepreneurship, for our students, graduates and other stakeholders.

The innovative combination of practical action learning and classroom education represents the very best international practice in enterprise education.

The MSc will be delivered by highly specialized resident and visiting faculty and guest speakers, including leading global figures from entrepreneurship education, and dynamic young entrepreneurs.

The MSc enhances individual skills, but also pays special emphasis on preparing participants to work outstandingly well with others, through workshops on Emotional Intelligence and Negotiations, as well as extensive team work.


MSc in Entrepreneurship Total Year Schedule 2017 – 2018

The school reserves the right to reexamine the structure of all academic programs and proceed to any necessary changes in the total year schedules. Students who wish to attend the 14-month program, will attend the “New Venture Project” during September – October 2018.

1 credit = 3 ECTS

1st Period | September – October

Courses Hours | Credits
Business Economics 28 | 2 Credits
Financial Accounting 28 | 2 Credits
Realities of Entrepreneurship 14 | 1 Credits

2nd Period | November – December

Courses Hours | Credits
Managing People & Organizations 28 | 2 Credits
Business Writing & Presentation Skills 14 | 1 Credits
Mastering Entrepreneurial Finance 28 | 2 Credits

3rd Period | January – February

Courses Hours | Credits
Living with Entrepreneurship: Shadowing 14 | 1 Credits
Marketing Management 28 | 2 Credits
Creativity & Innovation 14 | 1 Credits

4th Period | March – April

Courses Hours | Credits
Marketing Research & Analysis 14 | 1 Credits
Entrepreneurial Strategy & International Growth 28 | 2 Credits
Road testing- Feasibility Analysis 14 | 1 Credits
Leadership Development - | 1 Credits

5th Period (end of the 12-month program) | May- June

Courses Hours | Credits
Negotiations 14 | 1 Credits
Entrepreneurial Flexibility 14 | 1 Credits
Preparing the Business Plan 14 | 1 Credits
Entrepreneurial Leadership in Action 14 | 1 Credits
New Venture Project 28 | 2 Credits


The Professors

Academic Director
Stefanos Zarkos Associate Professor in the Practice of Finance

Dr. Zarkos has teaching and research interests in the areas of Corporate Finance, Financial Management, Capital Budgeting, Real Options, Management Accounting and Strategy. His research focuses on new applications of real options in management decision making and the development of decision techniques in Corporate Finance and Strategy literature.

alba profile link
Course Faculty
Reader in Economics at Cardiff Business School view more
Evangelia Baralou Academic Director of the MSc in Tourism Management
Senior Lecturer in Organisation Studies, Open University, UK view more
Assistant Professor of Accounting, University of Amsterdam Business School view more
Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior & Leadership, NEOMA Business School view more
Alexis Komselis Director ALBA Hub for Entrepreneurship and Development
view more
Christos Koritos Academic Director of the MSc in Marketing
Assistant Professor of Marketing view more
Kyriakos Kyriakopoulos Associate Dean of Academic Programs Enrollment; Academic Director of Executive MBA Academic Director of ALBA - Eurobank MBA in Financial Services
Professor of Strategy and Marketing view more
Professor of Organizational Behavior view more
Maria Moragianis Director Career and Alumni office
view more
Reader in Marketing & Entrepreneurship, Director of MBA Programmes/, Sheffiled University Management School view more
Pavlos Vlachos Academic Director of the ALBA MBA
Assistant Professor of Strategy view more
Stefanos Zarkos Academic Director of the MSc Programs: MSc in Finance; MSc in International Business & Management; MSc in Business for Lawyers; MSc in Entrepreneurship
Associate Professor in the Practice of Finance view more


Scholarships Scheme

You can secure pre-approval of your scholarship, before you apply for admission to the MBA or MSc program of your choice.

Apply for scholarship

GMAT Scholarships

 Those candidates who bring GMAT score from 700 and above, will be granted a scholarship of 60% of the total tuition fees for all MBA and MSc's (Excluding the Executive MBA, Double Masters for Lawyers and the MSc in ISF Programs). Candidates with high GMAT bellow 700 are also eligible for smaller scholarships.

AHEAD Scholarships for Micro Enterprises

The ALBA Hub for Entrepreneurship and Development (AHEAD) offers one partial scholarship for any of the Academic Programs at ALBA aimed at prospective students from competitive micro enterprises. (Executive MBA, MSc in ISF and Double Masters for Lawyers candidates are not included). Scholarship is  open to entrepreneurs, involved family members and managers from micro businesses with less than 10 employees.

Next Generation Family Business Scholarship

ALBA Graduate Business School offers two partial scholarship  for any of the Academic Programs at ALBA (Executive MBA, MSc in ISF and Double Masters for Lawyers candidates are not included) to a member of the next generation of a family business. It aims to encourage growth and succession in Greek family businesses, and support upcoming business leaders so that they can excel in such a demanding role.

23th Economia Competition

Partial scholarship to all members of the winning team of the “Economia” competition for any of the below stated MSc Programs:

  • MSc in Strategic Human Resources Management
  • MSc in International Business and Management
  • MSc in Finance
  • MSc in Marketing
  • MSc in Business for Lawyers
  • MSc in Shipping Management
  • MSc in Tourism Management
  • MSc in Entrepreneurship

Equal Society for MSc In Entrepreneurship

1 full scholarship will be offered for the MSc in Entrepreneurship.

In order to express your interest you will need to fill in properly and accordingly both the application provided by  Equal Society (here) and the ALBA online application


To be considered for admission, candidates must:

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree; - Provide evidence of excellent command of the English language;
  • Need to be currently employed or self-employed (valid for the part time mode only) GMAT tests are optional unless the Academic Committee requires the applicant to take them: in any case, scores of 550 or more (GRE >155) can strengthen your application and help you secure a scholarship.

Candidates must submit:

  • The completed application form, including one recent photograph in jpeg format;
  • Two letters of recommendation in Greek or in English language.
  • Official Academic Transcripts as well as Certified copies of degrees from each undergraduate, graduate or professional degree earned;
  • Proof of competence in the English language (unless schooled in English), e.g. Proficiency or TOEFL or IELTS.
  • Three Essays, as indicated in the Application form;
  • Receipt of the non-refundable application fee's [€60] deposit

Click here to download the details for admission.

To learn more about academic policy, course credit policy, fees policy and rules for student conduct read the Academic Regulations.


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