About Executive Development

raison d'être – vision and mission

ALBA Executive Development reflects, embodies and diffuses ALBA’s mission to educate visionary leaders of tomorrow who will act as agents of change and wish to have a positive and lasting impact on people, companies and the society.

Active since the early 2000s, ALBA Executive Development has succeeded and aspires to further become the strategic learning and development partner of Organizations that invest in knowledge, in order to reach their strategic and developmental goals and to inspire their executives to fulfill their aspirations and to achieve professional, organizational and social excellence.

a philosophy of integrative and holistic learning

ALBA Executive Development orchestrates a holistic and integrative approach to learning and transforms learning to a catalyst that stimulates, inspires and develops executives and organizations in regards to their diverse roles, challenges and aspirations in order to navigate them towards virtuosity, success and fulfillment.

value of learning

At ALBA Executive Development, we value learning as a source of competitive advantage for organizational and personal transformation and transcendence.

learning values

  • academic excellence: An immersive, research-based approach, paired with teaching excellence and effectiveness. ALBA resident and visiting faculty are world class academics that blend research excellence with corporate insights and business acumen
  • learning intelligenceWith the term learning intelligence, we refer to the competencies associated with the establishment of a unique partnership with our customer organizations and executive learners: co-creation, empathy, creativity, innovation, customer centricity, reflectiveness and collaborative content and context development are our fundamental values in designing and delivering state-of-the-art executive learning programs.
  • disruptive learning: In the era of disruptive innovation, ALBA Executive Development dares to challenge and disrupt conventional approaches to learning and to orchestrate learning interventions that ignite mental agility, learning agility and change agility, since there is currently is no doubt that,  as per  the ALBA Executive Development motto, “ in a spinning world, leaders are eager to learn”.


Marina Gryllaki

Director, Executive Development