Tuition and fees list

TUITION FOR 2017-2018

Fees are the same for both EU and overseas students.

Please note there is a one-off €60 application fee.

Books are generally not included in the total tuition fees of our Academic Programs, with the exception of EMBA


Executive MBA: €28,000 payable in installments.

The ALBA MBΑ: €19,750 payable in installments.

MBA in Shipping: €19,750 payable in installments.

MSc in Finance: €12,500 payable in installments.

MSc in Risk Management: €12,500 payable in installments

MSc in Marketing: €12,500 payable in installments

MSc in Strategic Human Resources Management: €12,500 payable in installments

MSc in Business for Lawyers: €12,500 payable in installments

Double Masters for Lawyers: Academic Fees at ALBA: 6,000 Euro  & Academic Fees at Reading: 9,500 GBP

MSc in International Business and Management: €12,500 payable in installments

MSc in Shipping Management: €12,500 payable in installments

MSc in International Shipping and Finance: 22500 GBP

MSc in Entrepreneurship: €12,500 payable in installments

MSc in Tourism Management: €12,500 payable in installments


Living expenses are in addition to the above stated fees. 

The amount a student will need to spend while studying in Greece will depend on his/her life style. As a rough guide, the average cost of living in Greece is approximately 300-400 Euros per month for accommodation and 300-400 Euros for living expenses.

Please note that a non-refundable deposit is payable when confirming your acceptance of an offer of a place. This is part of your tuition fee and will be deducted from the total amount upon enrollment.

We help you make the payment of tuition fees easier.

  • With our pay-as-you go plan, you pay installments throughout the 1 or 2-years period of your study and not the first months.
  • We offer an extensive scholarship program based on merit (grades, GMAT) and financial need. Previous year we offered scholarships of more than 1,000,000 euros in total value to more than 85% of our students!
  • If you face financial difficulties, you can discuss a personalized payment plan with us or you can ask to extend your studies to ease the payments. 
  • If you work in a company, you enjoy volume discounts of up to 40% available if three or more employees of the same company join ALBA programs.

ALBA Graduate Business School and ACG alumni who wish to pursue a second degree from another ALBA program for which they are qualified will be granted a 10 per cent discount on the fees of this second program. 

Moreover, both ALBA Graduate Business School students and alumni will be granted a 20% discount to all open-enrolment seminars, organized by the Executive Development Programs Department

To learn more about course credit policy, fees policy and exceptions please read the Academic Regulations.