Training Material in Organisational Knowledge Management for European Organisations & Enterprises

Saturday, 01/01/2005

Development of training on Knowledge Management.

Start date: 2005

End date: 2008

Research Program: Life Long Learning, LdV

The overall aim of the TRAINMOR - KNOWMORE project was to develop an intergraded training framework (material and methodologies) for Organisational Knowledge Management tailor made to the needs of European SMEs. The paramount project scope was to help SMEs understand what KM is, which are the specific methodologies supporting KM, which resources are required to implement it and how it can be implemented by an SME.

You may access the training material here.



  • WESTBIC: The Business and Innovation Centre for the West and North of Ireland (IE)
  • Thessaloniki Technology Park (EL)
  • ATLANTIS Consulting (EL)
  • LINK MV (DE)
  • Institute for Support and Competence Development Pro-Competence (DE)
  • BILSE Institute (DE)
  • The Multidisciplinary European Research Institute Graz (MERIG) (AT)
  • Cyprus Institute of Technology (CY)
  • Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski (BG)
  • National Council for Private SMEs in Romania (RO)