Technical Support for the Preparation and Organisation of Company Prizes (Awards) and a List of Best Employers in Europe

Tuesday, 01/01/2002

BEST WORKPLACES 2003 Competition Organization in Greece.

Start date: 2002

End date: 2003

Research Program: DG Employment and Social Affairs

Partnership: ALBA organized the first competition in Greece in 2003.

The aim of the project was to provide the technical support for the preparation and organisation of company prizes (awards) and a list of Best employers in Europe. The technical support included: collecting, analysing and publishing the necessary data for the awards and the list of best European employers performing the preparation and analyses in close co-operation with stakeholders at all levels securing the maximum of visibility and media impact. This project was then implemented annually in Greece by Great Place to Work Hellas Institute.

For more information on 2003 winners of the competition you may access the Great Place to Work Web site here.