MACIS - Development of a Management Curriculum on and for the Information Society

Wednesday, 01/01/1997

Development of a Management Curriculum.

Start date: 1997

End date: 1998

Research Program: ESPRIT

The purpose of this project was to assess the impact of the Information Society on management practices of the future and to develop a management curriculum on and for the information society. The new curriculum exposed its audience to societal, organizational, business and technological issues pertaining to the information society, and it illustrated the impact of the new environment to multiple management facets. Data was collected from management educators and trainers, technology providers, corporate recruiters, faculty and students from all 7 countries participating in the project.  The project undertook an integrative multi-disciplinary approach covering all aspects of management, and reassessed the content of the curriculum generally as well as in selected functional areas.


  • London Business School (UK)
  • INSEAD (France)
  • University of Cologne (Germany)
  • Copenhagen University (Denmark)
  • Erasmus University (Netherlands)
  • ESADE (Spain)