Learning for Security

Thursday, 01/01/2009

Computer 'games' for learning crisis management skills.

Start date: 2009

End date: 2011

Research Program: FP7-SECURITY

The aim of L4S project is to provide a clear understanding and to further develop existing know-how, in both interdisciplinary scientific / academic models and best / worst practices and experiences in the field of transportation. It focuses on the factors inhibiting effective collaboration dynamics in crises and leading to the failure of effective crisis management and of the interventions required to reduce these risks. L4S provides simulation based learning experiences and supporting guides and tools for developing the soft skills necessary in effective crisis management. These learning experiences would be deployable for a variety of purposes, including:

  • training security managers and crisis managers in organisation, particularly in the transportation sector;
  • preparing and testing security / crisis readiness of organisations and of their employees;
  • auditing the organisational preparedness for crises in security domains and beyond (i.e. financial crises);
  • preparing the broader public on appropriate behaviours and responses to security incidents;
  • conducting research (e.g. experimental tests) on the impact of different responses to the reaction of the public or the effects of the security incident. Four high-level simulation scenarios, each corresponding to a prototype, were designed and developed by the L4S consortium. Two of the L4S Simulation Game Prototypes focus on the Maritime and two on the Air Transportation sector.