International Manufacturing Strategy Survey, 2005

Saturday, 01/01/2005

Implementation of the 1st International Manufacturing Strategy Survey in Greece.

Start date: 2005

End date: 2006

Research Program: N/A+E17:E18

Partnership: The consortium consists of more than 20 Universities and Business Schools globally.

ALBA in cooperation with the IMSS International Network (Business Schools from all over the world) organized the 1st International Manufacturing Strategy Survey in Greece. Approximately 150 Greek manufacturing companies from several industry sectors have been approached in order to participate in the survey. The aim of the research was to study manufacturing strategies on a global scale and at a national level, and to establish a common database on manufacturing strategies, practices, and results. The research method is a questionnaire survey, performed by an international network of researchers in various countries. In return, a database from the entire worldwide study was distributed to all contributing researchers and participating firms.

You may access the Survey portal here.