Improving Gender Equality Competences of Persons Responsible for Personnel Development in Private Enterprises and Higher Education

Friday, 01/01/2010

Collection of Best practices on Gender Equality in the workplace.

Start date: 2010

End date: 2012

Research Program: Life Long Learning, LLP - LdV

The GeCo project developed a European toolbox with practical examples of gender equality measures that aims to support organisations in developing such programs. The toolbox  describe concrete examples and change processes in detail, which have been implemented successfully across Europe. Compared to existing good practice collections, the toolbox is an innovative self learning instrument. Due to the multi-national input from different types of organisations, it provides an overview over a broad variety of projects with a wide range of priorities.

You may access the toolbox here.


  • Technical University Dortmund (Germany)
  • Technical University Berlin (Germany)
  • Gender Studies, NGO (Czech Republic)
  • The Austrian Society for Environment and Technology – OGUT (Austria)
  • The UK Resource Centre for Women – UKRC (UK)
  • Social Innovation Fund (Lithuania)