European THEmatic Network for the EXcellence in Operations and Supply Chain Management Education Research and practice (THENEXOM)

Thursday, 01/01/2004

Promotion of best practices in the field of OM and SCM.

Start date: 2004

End date: 2005

Research Program: ERASMUS

Partnership: The consortium consisted of 26 institutions coming from 24 European countries.

The aim of the project was to bring together academics from Higher Education Institutes in order to enhance and develop an EU dimension in Operations Management's (OM) and Supply Chain Management's (SCM) teaching and assessment methods. A pool of academics, coming from 24 European countries and 26 institutions, tried to identify deficiencies and their causes as well as promoted best practices in the field of OM and SCM. Moreover, this network tried to establish links between education, research and practice i.e. companies, in the field. In this framework, a 6-month census of academics in the field of OM and SCM took place at a European level and tried to determine whether students graduating from participating counties' universities have a sound knowledge in the OM and SCM fields. A 4-month survey of OM and SCM teaching methods in participant counties was also conducted in order to assess the effectiveness of the teaching methods used, including their planning and implementation phases. An e-knowledge thesaurus was also created which contained data on European map institutions and individuals involved in the field of OM and SCM, a list of topics covered in OSCM courses including their description, and a description of teaching methodologies and techniques used as well as related search lines.

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