European Business Growth Catalyst

Tuesday, 01/01/2013

A new training program for SMEs on business growth.

Short description of project: A new training program for SMEs on business growth

Start date: 2013

End date: 2015

Research Program: Life Long Learning, LLP - ERASMUS

Partnership: University of Sheffield (UK), Inova Consultancy Ltd (UK), The Consultancy Academy Ltd (UK), Knowl –Social Enterprise for Risk Groups Education and Lifelong learning (EL), ESADE Business School (ES), PINAFORTE Partners – Improvement projects and Training plans (ES)

The European Business Growth Catalyst (EBGC) is a new learning program for managers and owners of European Small to Medium Sized Businesses (SMEs), who wish to grow their businesses and become more European in their focus and trade. EBGC addresses the gap in learning programs jointly developed and delivered by HE enterprise experts and educators in collaboration with SME trainers with both VET expertise and practical SME knowledge. This is a programme that responds directly to the contemporary European context, in which business growth for SMEs is a paramount concern for future job and wealth creation in Europe. The project also includes an Online Learning Hub containing on-line materials (a series of short films, workbook and related learning materials). 

Please visit the project web site here.