Equal Opportunities & Personal Development: Creation of a Mechanism for the Facilitation & Support of Equality Principle in the Working Environment - ANTHISI

Saturday, 01/01/2005

Enhancing gender equality in the workplace.

Short description of project: Enhancing gender equality in the workplace

Start date: 2005

End date: 2008

Research Program: EQUAL EU


The main goal of the project was to implement a number of interventions in the Greek market in the field and for the promotion of gender equality. In this framework, project's actions included:

  • Research of the relevant equality policies implemented internationally.
  • Survey of the implementation of equality policies and practices in the Greek companies (where 250-300 HR executives from Greek companies participated).
  • Consulting for the successful implementation of equality practices by a number of Greek companies.
  • Design and implementation of training sessions on equality issues for Greek HR executives.
  • Organisation of a competition for rewarding the best equality practices among Greek companies.
  • Information campaign for the widest dissemination of equality practices exercised by Greek executives.
  • Lunching of a public social dialogue on equality issues.
  • Cooperation with other Greek and European EQUAL funded projects in the field.
  • HR executives' forums for presenting and discussing the project results.



  • Hellenic Federation of Entreprises (SEV - Project Leader)
  • The General Secretariat for Equality (GGI)
  • The Greek Personnel Management Association (SSDP)
  • BPM Consulting, *Research Centre for Gender Equality (KETHI)
  • Centre for Women Issues Studies & Research
  • Dimitra KEK
  • Technical Training KEKE