Wednesday, 01/01/1997

Development of a training curriculum for young entrepreners.

Start date: 1997

End date: 2000

Research Program: Greek Ministry of Labor


The goal of this project was the establishment of new enterprises by unemployed young men and women. An innovative approach for initiating young unemployed's entrepreneurial activity was proposed. The young starting their entrepreneurial activity were aided in their first steps by one of the most experienced consulting companies, Arthur Andersen. Simultaneously, large enterprises helped them as well by commissioning subcontracting work to them. Furthermore, executives from these companies helped them in their strategic planning. ALBA was responsible for the recruitment of young entrepreneurs, their training needs' analysis, the design of the training curriculum and the dissemination of the project results.


  • Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • ETAP
  • Arthur Andersen
  • Greek Manpower Employment Organization
  • General Secretariat for Youth