Tuesday, 01/01/2013

Mobilize Youth Employability in Greece.

Short description of project: Mobilize Youth Employability in Greece

Start date: 2013

End date: 2013

Research Program: Citi Foundation

Partnership: In collaboration with Citi Foundation

The main objective of the initiative was to provide a deeper understanding of the low employability issue among young tertiary education graduates aged 22-29 years old in Greece, including: the size and root-causes of the problem, implications for the individuals (low-income) and the national economy and the potential interventions at an individual, entrepreneurial and government policy making level. Citi Foundation funded this research  in order to support the development and implementation of a large scale survey including all stakeholders in Greece. The research project included focus groups, interviews and quantitative survey. The survey results and recommendations were refined through discussions with opinion leaders, and were disseminated to all interested stakeholders through a high profile event and a special press conference to the media.

You may download the presentation of survey results here.

You may download the policy recommendation document here.