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Endowment & Fund Raising


As all not-for-profit organizations pursuing educational/cultural goals, ALBA relies heavily on donations for maintaining and further improving the quality of its operations.

Donations are, however, especially important because ALBA, by its very mission, is a research-driven academic institution: the academic excellence to which ALBA aspires by its mission cannot be achieved without intense academic research activities.

There is a fundamental difference between research-driven academic institutions and academic institutions devoted mainly to teaching: while both produce the educational and other relevant services offered to the students of their academic/executive education programs or other customer-focused activities, research-driven academic institutions also foster the creation of new scientific knowledge, through the research efforts of their faculty.

The results of these research efforts are published in the leading academic journals; they are thus made available not only to the users of the educational or other relevant services provided by the research-driven academic institutions, but to the broader academic community and, therefore, to society in general, who all benefit from this new knowledge.

Passing, therefore, the full operational costs of a research-driven academic institutions to the students or other users of the services provided by the institution, would not only raise the fees charged for these services to prohibitive levels; it would also be extremely unfair to these users, because they would be thus asked to pay not only for the services they actually receive, but also for the benefits to many others beyond themselves.

ALBA, therefore, as all research-driven academic institutions, must have sources of income other than the fees charged for the educational and other relevant services they offer.

In the absence of state funds, ALBA's academic research-related costs can be met only through donations from private of corporate donors.

Donations to ALBA can take the form of either Endowment οr Contributions to Annual Fund Raising

ALBA will also gratefully acknowledge direct donations of assets, ranging from office equipment to real estate, to meet its constantly growing needs.

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