MSc in Risk Management

Duration: 14 months/Evening classes
Application Deadline: June 30, 2017
Start Date: September
Fees: € 12,500


This program is designed to develop informed professionals who will be able to identify, measure and manage the risks latent in investments, business decisions or financial transactions.
The significant social costs paid by societies due to the recent financial crisis, highlight the importance of effective risk management.

Being a University Partner of PRMIA (Professional Risk Managers' International Association), our program will help you join the ranks of the globally growing profession of risk management and pursue a career dealing with some of the hottest challenges in business today:

• In pursuit of higher returns, reign in on growing market volatilities.
• Control the financial risks inherent in banking and insurance institutions.
• Identify operational risks in all areas of business.
• Design effective risk frameworks at portfolio, business division or enterprise level.


ALBA is PRMIA University Partner

The Professional Risk Managers' International Association (PRMIA is a global, non-profit association of risk professionals with 90,000 members worldwide and presence in 65 major cities. Through university partnerships, PRMIA seeks to set the international standards for graduate level education in risk management. Recognition of ALBA Graduate Business School as a PRMIA University Partner provides a signal to students and recruiters that the MSc in Risk program's curriculum is closely tied to professional practice and is well suited to preparing students to sit for the PRM exams.

All available partnerships can be found here.

Benefits to our MSc in Risk Students: Our MSc in Risk students will be offered access to the local risk community and networking opportunities through local PRMIA chapters. Students can also benefit from a 25% discount on PRMIA membership and have extra 20% discount on PRM and associate PRM products. PRM exam study material is available to our library for all students.

More information about PRMIA can be found at


Key features of the program

  • Weekday classes between 18:00 – 22:00, twice a week on average
  • A 14-month program
  • 12 core modules and 4 workshops
  • Assessment: group reports/presentations, case study analysis, mid-term tests, final exams (18 – 21:00)
  • Dissertation or Internship or Coursework (3 courses)


The MSc in Risk Management is Designed for:

  • Graduates with a quantitative background in pursuit of a career in risk divisions of financial institutions, large corporations or investment companies.
  • Managers who engage in risk taking activities.
  • Professionals responsible for monitoring risk and reporting to senior management.
  • Management consultants specialized in risk solutions.
  • Compliance officers responsible for supervising business units, enterprises or financial system participants.

You may find here more information about the Program's Intended Learning Outcomes.


Current Student Profile



International Recognition: Being accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and PRMIA University Partner, the program offers international and professional reputation and acceptance.

Hands-on: The specialization courses are tied to professional practice and aim to address pragmatic challenges faced by risk managers.

Integrated: The modular structure of the curriculum ensures that the program is well balanced around three themes: competency in analytical skills, knowledge of financial theory and ability to measure and control risk.

Aware: Studying risk dynamics allows for a deeper understanding of the contagion mechanisms that created the global financial crisis with significant impact on societies.

Innovative: The program offers the opportunity to master topics that differentiate from standard finance curricula, such as the challenges faced by financial institutions, the role of regulation in promoting financial stability and the application of quantitative processes that focus on tail risks.


MSc in Risk Management Program Total Year Schedule 2016 -2017

The School reserves the right to reexamine the structure of all academic programs and proceed to any necessary changes in the total year schedules.

6th Period: Internship (conditionally on availability)

1 credit = 3 ECTS

1st Period | September – October

Courses Hours | Credits
Business and Financial Ethics & Social Responsibility 14 | 1 Credits
Quantitative Tools in Finance 28 | 2 Credits
Financial Fundamentals 7 | 0.5 Credits
Business Writing & Presentation Skills 14 | 1 Credits

2nd Period | November – December

Courses Hours | Credits
Corporate Finance & Valuation 28 | 2 Credits
Principles of Risk Theory 14 | 1 Credits

3rd Period | January – February

Courses Hours | Credits
Portfolio Management & Investments 28 | 2 Credits
Financial Modelling 28 | 2 Credits

4th Period | March – April

Courses Hours | Credits
Project Risk Management 28 | 2 Credits
Financial Risk Management 28 | 2 Credits

5th Period | May – June

Courses Hours | Credits
Financial Econometrics & Forecasting 28 | 2 Credits
Derivatives & Risk Management 28 | 2 Credits
Topics in Risk Management: Credit Scoring using SAS 7 | 0.5 Credits

6th Period | September – October

Courses Hours | Credits
Financial Regulation 7 | 0.5 Credits
Corporate Risk Management 21 | 1.5 Credits
Credit Risk Modelling & Management 28 | 2 Credits
Dissertation - | - Credits
Internship - | - Credits


The Professors

Academic Director
Panagiotis Avramidis Assistant Professor of Finance and Quantitave Methods

alba profile link
Course Faculty
Panagiotis Avramidis Academic Director of the MSc in Risk Management
Assistant Professor of Finance and Quantitave Methods view more
Evangelia Baralou Academic Director of the MSc in Tourism Management
Senior Lecturer in Organisation Studies, Open University, UK view more
Assistant Professor of Financial Economics, University of St Andrews view more
Finance Professional view more
Maria Moragianis Director Career and Alumni office
view more
Head, Theatre Arts Department , The American College of Greece view more
Professor, Boston College view more
Professor of Economics, Le Bow College of Business, Drexel University view more
Senior Lecturer in Finance, Cass Business School view more
Adjunct Associate Professor of Decision Sciences view more
Stefanos Zarkos Academic Director of the MSc Programs: MSc in Finance; MSc in International Business & Management; MSc in Business for Lawyers; MSc in Entrepreneurship
Associate Professor in the Practice of Finance view more


  • Develop an appreciation of financial & operational risks faced by financial institutions, corporations and market investors.
  • Strengthen quantitative skills required for measuring the impact of extreme events.
  • Learn to utilize the tools, methods and processes for managing risks.
  • Understand financial theory and market dynamics.
  • Become up to date with the latest trends and practices in risk regulation.
  • Embrace values for sustainable and socially responsible decision making.


Scholarships Scheme

You can secure pre-approval of your scholarship, before you apply for admission to the MBA or MSc program of your choice.

Apply for scholarship

GMAT Scholarships

 Those candidates who bring GMAT score from 700 and above, will be granted a scholarship of 60% of the total tuition fees for all MBA and MSc's (Excluding the Executive MBA, Double Masters for Lawyers and the MSc in ISF Programs). Candidates with high GMAT bellow 700 are also eligible for smaller scholarships.

AHEAD Scholarships for Micro Enterprises

The ALBA Hub for Entrepreneurship and Development (AHEAD) offers one partial scholarship for any of the Academic Programs at ALBA aimed at prospective students from competitive micro enterprises. (Executive MBA, MSc in ISF and Double Masters for Lawyers candidates are not included). Scholarship is  open to entrepreneurs, involved family members and managers from micro businesses with less than 10 employees.

Next Generation Family Business Scholarship

ALBA Graduate Business School offers two partial scholarship  for any of the Academic Programs at ALBA (Executive MBA, MSc in ISF and Double Masters for Lawyers candidates are not included) to a member of the next generation of a family business. It aims to encourage growth and succession in Greek family businesses, and support upcoming business leaders so that they can excel in such a demanding role.


To be considered for admission, candidates must:

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree; - Provide evidence of excellent command of the English language;
  • Need to be currently employed or self-employed (valid for the part time mode only) GMAT tests are optional unless the Academic Committee requires the applicant to take them: in any case, scores of 550 or more (GRE >155) can strengthen your application and help you secure a scholarship.

Candidates must submit:

  • The completed application form, including one recent photograph in jpeg format;
  • Two letters of recommendation in Greek or in English language.
  • Official Academic Transcripts as well as Certified copies of degrees from each undergraduate, graduate or professional degree earned;
  • Proof of competence in the English language (unless schooled in English), e.g. Proficiency or TOEFL or IELTS.
  • Three Essays, as indicated in the Application form;
  • Receipt of the non-refundable application fee's [€60] deposit

Click here to download the details for admission.

To learn more about academic policy, course credit policy, fees policy and rules for student conduct read the Academic Regulations.


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