7 September 2016
Celebration of our acceptance as Green Award Incentive Provider
07:00 - 23:00 Deree Studend Lounge
1 September 2016
“Boost your Career – enjoy a customized payment plan”.
18:30-20:00 our premises
13 July 2016
Upcoming Information Session, July 13: “It’s never too late for a career shift! (Re-)Launch Yourself in Business with an ALBA MBA or Master”
18:30-20:00 our premises
27 June 2016
Distinguished Lecture by David Marsh
18:00-21:00 our premises
15 June 2016
Upcoming Information Session, June 15: “Learn from ALBA’s International Faculty. A unique learning experience that will widen your horizons”
18:30-20:00 our premises
9 June 2016
Meet us at Posidonia 2016 and Join our Open Seminar
17:30-20:00 Metropolitan Expo
18 May 2016
Upcoming Information Session, May 18: “Position Yourself for Success: Learn from our students and alumni experiences”
17:30-20:00 our premises
9 May 2016
ALBA hosts the next IMSF annual meeting
09:00-21:00 our premises
20 April 2016
Upcoming Information Session, April 20: “Are you a Worrier or a Warrior? Advance Your Career with the ALBA MBA”
18:30-20:00 our premises