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Master in Business Administration MBA


Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders For a Changing World



In its 22-year history, the ALBA MBA has always been a groundbreaking innovator, embracing the state-of-the-art and, with world-class professors, pushing it further. These are some of the program's highlights.

Leadership development

Through classroom teaching and personal coaching, students embark on a journey of self-awareness and personal development, identifying strengths and areas of improvement and putting their aspirations into a coherent and dynamic learning plan for the future. 


ALBA is one of the elite European Business Schools in entrepreneurship, as demonstrated by the exceptional performance of our MBA student teams in the European Business Plan of the Year Competition (EBPYC). Read more

Management Acts: A Theatrical Integration

In a final act of managerial dilemmas, struggles, revelations, insights and key decisions,  students build on the notion of management as a performance of roles, casting light on the inner and outer performance dimensions of leadership. This double capstone course facilitates the students' journey towards enacting the role of the leader with confidence and authenticity. Students are introduced to theatrical tools and learn dramaturgical methods to craft their characters, prepare and enact their roles.

Creativity and Innovation

Creative problem solving, creative responses to contextual variability, improvisation and the ability to generate original and bold ideas are now defining elements of career success. We provide participants with the knowledge, skills and stimuli for discovering and practicing creativity in organizations, groups and their own personal and professional pursuits. Working in groups, students direct, edit and produce a "Creativity Chronicle", a short video that artfully narrates a story of creativity. See more.

Business Integration: The SAP ERP Simulation

We adopt a state-of-the-art simulation game, based on the SAP ERP system, to practice, in a highly realistic environment, what it is like to manage a company end-to-end. Using the very same software that many companies use everyday all over the world, students carry out product strategy, forecasting, procurement, production, marketing, distribution, sales and financial management. Participants practice business analytics and high-performance team management, under great complexity and time pressure.


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